AOpen and Online Software AG enter into strategic alliance

‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands, 29 May 2012 +++ There is no doubt that digital advertising media such as screens, kiosk systems and double-screen scales in the shop areas of retailers are becoming increasingly common and that cross-media communication by means of digital posters, videos, embedded web and digital shelf labelling is expanding. Studies are proving their noticeably positive influence upon sales and image. AOpen, leading manufacturer of the small form factor media player called Digital Engine, and Online Software AG, the market leader in the field of content management software have announced their cooperation. With this announcement both parties certified each other’s products for a professional standard in the field of digital signage offering competent solutions. Large retailers such as Depot, REWE, EDEKA and Aral have already incorporated digital elements into their advertising communication at the point of sale and static posters are being replaced by digital systems. The ground breaking advantages of digital media include speed, versatility and the entertainment aspect generated by incorporating dynamic pictures and interactivity. The digital advertising elements can also serve well as sales assistant and entertainment in waiting areas, at tills and counters, in changing rooms and lifts. They enable cross-selling actions with recommendations of items to supplement the product already chosen. In grocery stores, for example, the use of double-screen scales offers great potential: with customer displays that show the wine to go with the cheese; or the barbecue sauce to go with the steak. The same system enables the salesperson at the operator side of the scale to give additional information, thus strengthening the know-how of the personnel without the need for extra product trainings. Touch screen solutions in the form of kiosk systems that are used in the store as an additional source of advice are another form of digital sales support that is supported by Online Software and AOpen. This enables customers to find out information independently or sales personnel to incorporate the detailed information into their product advice. In an increasingly uniform trading landscape it is necessary to create a lasting impression. Interactive in-store marketing turns simple shopping into a seductive shopping experience for the customer, in which the digital media lends the store ambience a refreshingly modern touch. With the software PRESTIGEenterprise, advertising campaigns can be administered and guided from a central marketing office. The content management system simplifies the integration of printed and digital media, offers countless options for use and ensures clear advertising planning with a positive impact on sales. About AOpen AOpen is a major player in the digital signage/narrowcasting industry and supplies its channel with media player hardware and interactive touch systems with integrated PC for use in informative displays, POS, kiosks and DOOH installations. Comprehensive tests of the web-based NET-server solution PRESTIGEenterprise with the Digital Engine media players of AOpen have shown that the hardware and software components work together successfully and represent a professional complete solution for the trade. Both companies are proud to announce the strategic alliance. At present, both products are marketed via international reseller channels. About Online Software AG Online Software AG is a modern, innovative software company focussing on the development of solutions for the international wholesaler and retailer. Online is the market leader in the area of professional branch advertising with the poster and label-printing software PRESTIGE having over 31,000 installations in 35 countries and in 20 languages. Online supports his customers in cross-media marketing of products using the market-leading PRESTIGE software. PRESTIGE supports all kind of media such as posters and shelf labels, as well as new technologies only to mention flat-screen monitors, kiosk systems, scale systems or touch screens even using RFID to trigger an event. Further Information: Online Software AG Bergstrasse 31 69469 Weinheim, Germany Sandy Schulze Marketing Manager Tel.: +49 – 6201 – 99 88 – 682 Fax: +49 – 6201 – 99 88 – 77