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EuroShop 2023

Experience the latest technology trends at the PRESTIGE Solution Campus of Online Software AG, Hall 6  Booth A57, at EuroShop 2023! This year we will also be on site at the EuroShop trade fair in Düsseldorf to present you the entire range of emotional addressing of customers in the shop in the EuroCIS area. In addition to numerous exhibitors in 18 exhibition halls, EuroShop 2023 also offers a high-quality supporting programme with various conferences and forums under the motto “PRIME TIME for your business”.

As an exhibitor at EuroShop Messe Düsseldorf, we inspire national and international representatives of the retail industry with our innovative solutions every year.

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Our Highlights

  • Retail Media – quality marketing via PRESTIGEenterprise
  • Scan&Go – scan products yourself while shopping and pay via app at the self-checkout
  • ESL – Manufacturer-independent price communication at the shelf
  • Apps – Mobile solutions for events and internal corporate communication
  • myfarm.tv – Livestreaming from the barn to the supermarket

Our PRESTIGE Solution partner

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PRESTIGE solutions for the fashion industry
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PRESTIGE solutions for the furniture industry

Trend Technologies at the EuroShop Trade Fair 2023

The retail industry is changing at the same pace as consumers’ daily lives. High convenience, digitalisation and sustainability are no longer trends, but standard. If retail and merchandising companies want to stand out in their highly competitive market, they not only have to move with the times, but also set new accents and inspire their clientele. At EuroShop 2023, we will focus on the latest trending technologies and innovations to provide customers with a unique in-store experience, while making management and communication in the background easier than ever:

Retail Media – Quality marketing via PRESTIGEenterprise

Together with our technology partner FRAMEN, a retail media tech start-up from Axel Springer, we show how screens as digital touchpoints can be used to generate marketing revenues via programmatic advertising. The special feature of the marketing solution with PRESTIGEenterprise via existing or new screens in the market: the retailer retains 100 percent control over what is shown, on which screens it is shown and in what proportion to their own content. Quality control makes it possible to open up the “POS advertising inventory” for retail media marketing. In addition, the easy handling and the new source of revenue for the retailer are in the foreground. In this way, you earn money through advertising revenue and can control sales at the POS in a targeted manner.

Example of proportional release of POS media for marketing:

  • Entrance pillars at 75
  • Screens in the garden department at 50%
  • Monitors in the checkout area at 88

The aim is to generate advertising revenue with relevant industrial advertising. Quality marketing means paid Compo fertiliser advertising in the garden department but not in the building materials hall. At the right time, in the right place, to the right customers.

Scan&Go – Self-Checkout via App

The topic of self-checkout has clearly gained momentum with the increasing shortage of skilled workers. German retail companies in particular have not yet found the perfect solution for themselves. At the PRESTIGE Solution Campus, we will present an app solution based on PRESTIGEenterprise and thus enable all PRESTIGE customers to offer the self-checkout service quickly and easily and to use the existing software for this purpose.

But also for customers who do not yet use PRESTIGEenterprise for their branch communication, the Scan&Go solution of Online Software AG in cooperation with checkout software partner DRS is an interesting answer to the customers’ wish for more self-responsibility and a first-class concept for the implementation of a planned self-checkout solution.

The principle is very simple: a payment module can be called up in the retailer’s app. The customer scans the items before putting them in the shopping basket and at the end only has to scan a QR code created by the app for everything at the paytower or at the checkout and pay. Using their own mobile phone with a simple app is easier for many consumers than using a device provided by the retailer. The usage hurdle is much lower here. In addition, customers keep track of the costs while shopping and are not surprised at the checkout. Especially during rush hour, but also at off-peak times, this solution can noticeably relieve staff.

ESL – Manufacturer-independent price communication at the shelf

The advantages of electronic price tags are obvious:

  • Central price control
  • Excellent product and price up-to-dateness
  • Fast updates
  • Time saving through automation
  • Relief for employees

At the latest since e-paper technology has made it possible to display fonts, numbers and logos in an energy-saving way – and even to highlight them in colour – ESL technology has been very much in vogue. However, after the investment in the hardware, the biggest challenge lies in the management of the content and the integration into the existing IT landscape. In most cases, users use an existing software system, such as PRESTIGEenterprise, to plan their branch advertising. Therefore, it is helpful if interfaces to the ESL management system exist and if the electronic shelf labelling can also be planned and distributed with the existing software.

At the PRESTIGE Solution Campus, Online Software presents its ESL partners Delfi, Hanshow, SoluM, rainus and SES imagotag, and shows how manufacturer-independent ESL content management can look. Together with the solution partner Dekora Design, an ESL workstation for the back office of branches will also be presented. With the PRESTIGEenterprise ESL interface, you can connect all common ESL manufacturers. In this way, you act independently of the manufacturer.

Simple, fast and efficient – get to know the advantages of ESLs and convince yourself of the simple handling with PRESTIGEenterprise on site at the PRESTIGE Solution Campus at EuroShop 2023.

Event apps – Mobile solutions for events and internal corporate communication

Are you planning an event and want to reach your target group in the best possible way? The solution: an event app on the smartphone of the interested parties. With the PRESTIGE event app, you can take your events to the next level. Provide participants with all information in one app – from agenda to directions to feedback options, the app offers all important content at a glance. A direct approach via push messages and targeted data collection via surveys increase the interaction rate and enable the well-founded planning of further marketing measures. With the help of the practical modular system, you can put together all the content and modules you need. Does your congress or event require special functions and services? In addition to the standard modules, the PRESTIGE AppBaukasten offers exciting additional modules.

Community app for successful corporate communication

By means of the PRESTIGE ToolBox you also have the possibility to create a mobile communication portal. Through the individual use of the various modules, you will receive a PRESTIGE community app with which you can always keep your company’s employees up to date and network them in an uncomplicated way – naturally tailored to your requirements and corporate design.

Experience the mobile solutions for your future events, for mobile working and selling as well as for communication with your employees at our PRESTIGE Solution Campus at EuroShop 2023.


The PRESTIGEenterprise MobileBrowser can be used for MDE, smartphone and tablet. Use your existing mobile devices to control your branch communication with PRESTIGEenterprise: change the on program your screens directly on site instead of running to the PC. Print new posters mobile – simply select mobile and send it to the appropriate printer. This way you are flexible and can act quickly.

myfarm.tv – Livestreaming from the barn to the supermarket

myfarm.tv supports traders and farmers in communicating their commitment to animal welfare to consumers in a convincing and credible way. The aim is to give consumers in the food market an unvarnished view via live TV of the husbandry conditions and living conditions of the animals whose meat they want to buy and whose eggs they want to eat. And for which they are willing to spend more money than for the meat of an animal kept in anonymous factory farming.

myfarm.tv is 100% live and shows transparency and honesty that no other advertising medium produces so clearly. Consumers are placing more and more value on quality, animal welfare and regionality. Ulrich Budnik, the owner of REWE Homberg in Dortmund, shares this view. That is why he decided to use myfarm.tv, a livestream that streams from the barn directly into the supermarket. Here, his customers can watch the chickens from Gut Nordhausen at the egg shelf and the pigs from Hof Gödde at the meat counter. REWE Stockhausen also has a livestream into a laying hen house, which is shown directly at the egg sales shelf. Store manager Norman Lingen explains, “The reactions from the customers are very positive because you can see where the animal comes from and the children think it’s great.”

Showing attitude is the motto ofmyfarm.tv and Edeka Stiegler and dairy farmer Brassel have succeeded in a double sense. On the one hand, the market shows its commitment to regional products and the farmer gives an insight into life on the farm.

The desire for sustainable, regional and organic products is growing among the population. It is no longer enough to print labels and seals on a label to convince consumers of the sustainability of a product. Transparency and honesty about the actual husbandry conditions of the farm animals whose products consumers buy are the key to building trust. myfarm.tv offers retailers and farmers a convincing and credible digital signage solution to communicate their commitment to more animal welfare.

Get to know myfarm.tv at the EuroShop trade fair 2023 and convince yourself of the benefits for the food and non-food sector. Experience the possibilities offered by our modern solution – directly at the product shelf in the store, as an app or as part of the social media strategy.

Marketing 2.0 with high-quality content for digital signage systems

Digital signage solutions have become an integral part of the shop fittings in many stores, shopping malls and supermarkets. The diverse systems require high-quality content in order to optimally support the marketing strategy. Digital signage systems act as eye-catchers, idea generators, shop windows, a look behind the scenes or personal purchase advisors. Content paid for by advertising partners for the in-store programme in stores provides incentives to buy, serves as entertainment or provides more information on current offers. The right interaction is crucial.

Find out how your company can benefit from digital signage solutions and how your modern, professional presence can best succeed. Our experts will be on hand to advise you and answer your questions. Discover our digital signage solutions at the PRESTIGE Solution Campus and experience their sales-promoting effect first-hand. We look forward to your visit!

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