Infinity Shopping Shelf

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Infinity Shopping Shelf

Innovative shopping – whenever, wherever, 24h-7d

Offer your customers a modern and emotive shopping experience with new technologies and use digital platforms as sales spaces. Expand your advertised product range with the Infinity Shopping Shelf. With emotive images, videos and animations, your products come alive on the shelf and generate higher attention.

Every day, new ideas that come onto the market generate enthusiasm in the shopping world, including the Infinity Shopping Shelf (ISS). Dynamic templates enable the use of differently sized “shelf fields” and the highlighting of important information. They thus offer the highest possible flexibility in the design of the shelf surfaces. The surface, which can thus be designed in a modern and individual manner, catches the eye and arouses the interest of the customers in a playful manner.


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Added value

Detail pages behind the advertised products with which the customers can request further information on the product lead to better interaction with the customer. Additionally, links allow the integration of further functions, such as payment functions, customer assessments and coupon prints.

The integration of web contents is also possible, allowing information already communicated on the company website or in the online shop to be transferred to the ISS as well.

Erweiterte Regalfläche

PRESTIGEenterprise facilitates everyday sales

The Infinity Shopping Shelf thus not only simplifies shopping, but also allows retailers to offer a variety of products on site that otherwise would not find their place on traditional shelves. Additionally, the Infinity Shopping Shelf opens up completely new opportunities of classic shopping: screens mounted in display windows thus allow shopping at any time of day or night.

App powered by PRESTIGEenterprise

Retailers have the opportunity to acquire an “Infinity Shopping App” adapted to their branch. With the “Product SCAN” function available in the app, the customer can scan their object of interest, enter the desired number of units, go “to the cash register” and decide where the product is to be delivered to or where it is to be collected.

Benefits and advantages

  • Promotes sales: shelf communication restaged provides for more attention through innovation
  • Flexible: fast reaction to events, updating at the press of a button
  • Professional: uniform external effect
  • Practical: infinite sales space, sale of additional product ranges, open around the clock 24h-7d shop, shopping to go
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