Mdina Media

Mdina Media is an innovative Dutch company, that creates cost-effective solutions with embedded hardware, that can run in 24/7 environments. Our digital signage solutions can be applied in different industries: airports, public transport, restaurants, hotels, fashion, retail, offi ces, medical venues, automotive, supermarkets, gaming & casino, conference venues and more.

Mdina Media is specialized in working on large-scale projects, for which we develop, engineer and produce all industrial hardware & applications in Europe. We benefi t from our close cooperation with AMD and Intel; we can offer the latest cost-effective technology even before they are available on the open market.

We are a fl exible company, that adapts solutions to fi t the clients’ needs. We offer Green products, like low power consumption players with extended lifecycle components, that effortlessly run 24/7. A constantly high quality, and an excellent guarantee are self-evident.

Mdina Media
Tempelhofstraat 2
1043 EC Amsterdam
The Netherlands
P.: +31 (0)20 68 164 69

Partner Manager Marc Schaffnit

Marc Schaffnit

Partner Management
Online Software AG
P. +49 6201 9988-94

Mdina Media embedded PC QS1000B

Digital Engine 35-HD
Mdina Media’s QS1000 B is an AMD embedded player, designed for a high quality video performance, suitable for three Full HD displays. The player provides outstanding graphics with AMD Radeon HD7660 – 384 graphics cores. The cost-effective hardware is equipped with an Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) on AMD technology. The QS1000 B is powerefficient and enables multi-display capabilities. This solution has an internal power supply and can be attached behind a screen.