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In cooperation with the Online Software AG, NOVO offers solutions for the printout of pricetags for the use in counters for meat, fi sh or cheese. Established in 1901, NOVO looks back on an amazing history of more than 114 years and creates today it‘s know how out of more than 45 years of experience in the production of cards – Made in Germany, made in Bonn.

NOVO offers different, certifi ed printing systems for cards and pricetags in standard size or special shapes and produces on environmental friendly and modern printing and fulfi lment systems in various shapes and sizes for loyalty programs, as gift cards or as pricetags in the counters of meat, fish or cheese. Our product range is completed by environmental friendly and food compliant cards made out of wood: the Bluecards by NOVO, who can be used for pricetags getting in touch with food in counters.

By request, NOVO personalizes cards and offers the fulfi lment and the supplement of store by store for the customers for loyalty, gift and blister cards.

We like to counsel you at your offi ce and you are also kindly invited to visit us at our factory in Bonn and to keep an eye on us while your cards are produced in our factory

NOVO-Organisationsmittel GmbH
Lievelingsweg 102-104
53119 Bonn / Deutschland

P.: 0228 98 98 40
E-Mail: info@novo.de
Webseite: www.cards.de

Partner Manager Marc Schaffnit

Marc Schaffnit

Partner Management
Online Software AG
P. +49 6201 9988-94

NOVO Preiskartendrucker Primacy

Preisetikettendrucker NOVO Primacy

card printer, single- and doublesided, monochrome or coloured printing

Capacity card feeder: 100 ISO-cards (thickness 0.76 mm)
Card output hopper: 100 ISO-cards (thickness 0.76 mm)
Printing speed monochrome: approx. 600 – 850 sec. card side
Printing speed coloured: approx. 190 – 210 sec. card side