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SATO is a global barcode and RFID technology company that provides data collection and label printing solutions. We develop and manufacture printers, price marking hand labelers, labels and software to enable printing solutions. We combine our core barcode and RFID technological capabilities in the areas of thermal label printing with complementary Automatic Identifi cation & Data Collection (AIDC) technologies to offer a total solution that creates value. Our solutions enable businesses to identify, track and manage people, products and assets.

SATO is established since 70 years in the barcode and DCS business and can offer products worldwide. As we are produce our customers can buy printer, print-machines, hand-labeling systems and a wide range of labels, tags and hangtags. Customizing and consultation together with the maintenance and equipment is self-evident and completes our range of products perfectly

Uwe Krueger
Marketing Manager D/A/CH

SATO Europe GmbH
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Partner Manager Marc Schaffnit

Marc Schaffnit

Partner Management
Online Software AG
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SATO Drucksystem MB2i

MB2i Serie

Label printer

Max. label size: 48mm x 160mm | Data sheet

SATO Drucksystem CG4

CG4 Serie

Multifunctional Barcode printer for unrivalled performance, convenience and versatility.

Max. label size: 105mm x 300mm | Data sheet