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Diebold Nixdorf is a world leader in enabling connected commerce for millions of consumers each day across the fi nancial and retail industries. Its software-defi ned solutions bridge the physical and digital worlds of cash and consumer transactions conveniently, securel and efficiently. As an innovation partner for nearly all of the world’s top 100 fi nancial institutions and a majority of the top 25 global retailers, Diebold Nixdorf delivers unparalleled services and technology that are essential to evolve in an ‘always on’ and changing consumer landscape.

With an extensive offering of automation and Self-Service products, Point-of-Sale hardware and associated software, consulting and other services, Diebold Nixdorf aims to sustainably optimize business processes. Ensuring the availability of installed systems and customer solutions across the entire product lifecycle, we enable banks and retailers to completely concentrate on their operating businesses.

Partner Manager Marc Schaffnit

Marc Schaffnit

Partner Management
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