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Implexo Devision of Informatics Ltf

Country: Portugal

Implexo Division of Informatics Ltd was established in July 1996 with aim of offering the bests solutions of the market in large format digital printing to the professional market sector.

With the evolution of printing market in the supply of products has been increasing forcing us to a search of the best products, making our offer now part of the major benchmarks in the market.

Implexo is a HP Preferred Partner since the beginning with knowledge of HP large format printers and now a exclusive PRESTIGE Certifi ed Retail Partner to Portugal, the leadership software to retail market. The Prestige from Online, is a solution since the simple structure company with Prestige, until for complex branch structures with Prestige Enterprise.

We able to give counseling, consulting and project management to retail market.

As, the entire process chain, from conception and integration, all the way to support and maintenance, but also the creation of content for sales-assisted presentations at the Point of Sale, are offered and executed.

The number of customers who have chosen for our solutions is increasing, showing us our quality products and after sales service.

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Partner Manager Marc Schaffnit

Marc Schaffnit

Partner Management
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