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Country: Germany

The competence of our distribution partner Nordland systems GmbH covers activities ranging from projecting and developing recommendations for positioning visual merchandising displays, presentations and concept elaboration to the corresponding content production for Visual Merchandising medium similar to corporate design and/or customers marketing.

Furthermore, Nordland provides a PRESTIGEenterprise test server and is a complete supplier of VM-hardware. With its public displays and intelligent display systems, Nordland system GmbH offers an investment-safe basis for the utilization of a multimedia solution at the POS and POI. IQ display solutions, available in 19“ – 47“ size with integrated, fanless computer units, are based on the newest Intel Pentium Core Duo processors types and are subject to present industry standards. Nordland systems GmbH is a partner of large enterprises such as WINCOR NIXDORF and takes over the installation of both software and hardware updates and onsite service in the project business.

Nordland systems offers tailor-made solutions for the print sector and is a partner company of OKI, LEXMARK, HP and Kyocera.

Nordland systems GmbH
Torsten Voß
Kurt-Fischer-Straße 37
22926 Ahrensburg

P. +49 4102 45 95 30
F. +49 4102 45 95 28
E-Mail: torsten.voss@nordland-gmbh.de

Partner Manager Marc Schaffnit

Marc Schaffnit

Partner Management
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