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ORION INSTRUMENTS POLSKA has been existing since January 1990. At the beginning it specialized in deliveries of scientifi c-research equipment, mainly made by the fi rms HewlettPackard and Keithley. In December 1991 we started selling the computer equipment, and installing more and more complex computer networks. Looking for our own place on the market we have decided that our trumps will be the best quality of services rendered by us, and most of all, the ability of complex servicing for the corporate customer, including:

» widely understood consultation
» project of the system
» assistance in choosing software and hardware
» delivery of hardware and software
» installation of the system together with wiring up
» support, service and administration of the system, including full service on site,
assuring delivery of substitute hardware, solving problems appearing in the work of the
hardware and software
» supervision of work, including investigation of the working systems

It is obvious that we are able to assure – and we often do it – the competent service for the customers who do not need complex care. Then each of the above elements may be treated as a separate offer. In particular, it often happens that we administrate and develop the systems having been created by another supplier and we investigate safety of the systems administrated by other fi rms or individuals.

We have concentrated on co-operation with the most reputed producers who make possible to render fully professional service for a customer. We employ the best experts, requiring  from them and enabling them permanent training. The service-support network covering the whole country allows us to give the competent service to big companies who even have numerous branches, in conditions of strict service discipline. We are able to effi ciently form teams of experts who can solve atypical problems, and we can form project groups.

Owing to serious treating of our customers. Our reference list of customers is very long and abounds in companies making the highest requirements. For those companies, quality, reliability and safety is most important. The highest effi ciency, promptness and competence of our services are our trumps then. We specialize in rendering services for the bank sectors, branch offices of foreign companies, the state administration and big private companies.

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