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Screen contents with power

Animations, shapes, graphics or text with or without shading, reflections or 3D rotations. Get the best out of your instore tv through the integration of PowerPoint presentations.

Instore tv program – easy with PowerPoint!

With the innovative PowerPoint add-in by PRESTIGEenterprise, individual, moving or static contents can be put together very easily and played as a playlist on all screens in the store including scales displays. All that is required is knowledge of PowerPoint which many employees already have.

Functionality and method of operation

Use of instore tv will be revolutionised with version 3.2 of the PRESTIGEenterprise software. The new and innovativ PowerPoint plug-in allows you to incorporate PowerPoint presentations into PRESTIGEenterprise very easily and to convert your presentations into playlist elements which are then used again by PRESTIGEenterprise. In this way, employees with current PC knowledge can contribute actively to the instore tv and record individual contents on events or special offers.

PRESTIGEenterprise allows all animations made in PowerPoint, embedded videos and programmed slide transitions. All professional and easily adaptable effects from Office PowerPoint 2010 can be used and transferred directly. With this type of self-production, the commissioning of a designer for professional editing is no longer absolutely necessary.

Application option

Your company anniversary is coming up and you have thought of a couple of nice surprises for your customers. In order to point out the important day you could prepare your personal invitation on various PowerPoint slides easily with the PowerPoint plug-in and then furnish it with effects, animations and a personal address. So that all customers actually notice it, you can display the presentation on all screens and displays available in the shop.

Benefits and advantages

  • simple: knowledge of PowerPoint is sufficient for preparing individual templates
  • professional: Instore TV through use of effective design effects, animations and videos
  • individual: depending on requirements, an „in-house“ program can be put together with little expense
  • saves costs: responding to current topics quickly is also possible without a professional designer
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