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PRESTIGEenterprise 2.3 – New version, enhanced functions

With PRESTIGEenterprise 2.3, Online Software AG (Weinheim) presents a new version of its market-leading software for pricing and advertising communications. Besides classic poster printing, PRESTIGEenterprise also supports digital POS communication on digital screens. Newly developed program tools optimise especially interactive customer information: Besides up-to-date product-enhancing information which can be called up via the newly built-in “Live Info & eLearning Center”, functions such as “Cross Printing” and integrated web content is now available. Such value-added information supports the professional expertise of staff, increase customer confidence and accelerate additional sales. Background processes and usability have been optimised in such a way that the creation, administration and transfer of digital information to all display media at the POS are noticeably faster. Even conventional poster printing is improved by the program. By means of a special compression technique, print jobs are executed faster by up to 50 percent. This provides a noticeable time saving especially for larger retail branches which print many posters and labels. With over 30,000 installations in international retail, PRESTIGE has been the market-leading system for pricing and advertising communication at the POS for 20 years. This success is based especially on steady, future-oriented innovation and permanently aligning the software to the requests of users in retail and banking. With the new PRESTIGEenterprise 2.3 version, playlists can be created and edited even faster by simply copying and moving. Changing the settings of several playlist elements simultaneously is now possible in only a few process steps. In addition to a fixed playback sequence, individual playlist elements can be prioritised, which are thus highlighted especially by frequent playback. In this way it is possible to very simply set different individual runtimes, transitions elements or volume strengths for various articles, pictures or videos. The new “Live Info & eLearning Center” feature provides customers with current additional information and allows the service staff to shine with professional expertise. Because the notes, which are offered by keywords, are called up from a centrally-maintained site and are therefore always up-to-date. This information such as product origin, hints regarding the care and maintenance, article use or test results all increase customer confidence and contribute positively to customers’ experience of service. An absolute novelty for PRESTIGEenterprise is the integration of web content, such as the bioweather or regional events, as picture-in-picture displays. By means of permanent updates using the data of a selected webpage, up-to-date information is offered. The use of emotional pictures and content which has been customised to the interests of customers improves the image and promotes customer loyalty. Another feature is the cross-printing function. The classic application area here is printing recipes at the service counter or coupon-printing. For the customer that has purchased a lamb chop, for example, it is possible using this function to print suitable recipes such as “lamb chop Provencal” or “lamb chops with oven potatoes” at the scale. In PRESTIGEenterprise 2.3 any number of print event lists can be created containing the appropriate links between the articles and their corresponding information. More details regarding PRESTIGEenterprise 2.3 may be found under www.online-software-ag.de Further Information: Online Software AG Bergstrasse 31 69469 Weinheim, Germany Kirstin Hoffmann PR & Marketing Tel.: +49 – 6201 – 99 88 – 683 Fax: +49 – 6201 – 99 88 – 77 kirstin.hoffmann@online-software-ag.de Sandy Schulze Marketing Manager Tel.: +49 – 6201 – 99 88 – 682 Fax: +49 – 6201 – 99 88 – 77 sandy.schulze@online-software-ag.de