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Print: labels
Digital Signage: scale screens, instore TV, videowall, screens, ESL
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Stores: 1.550

For many years, poster and label printing at EDEKA Minden-Hannover has been prepared and managed by using PRESTIGEenterprise software.

Already in 2009 EDEKA Minden-Hannover began implementing digital elements in their service counter area. The first markets informed customers via displays on the rear of service counters and scales. In both new and modernized Edeka markets, one by one large format displays, from the company Nexgen smart instore, are also integrated in the service counter landscape.

So far over 1,000 screens inform waiting customers about daily offers, new services and special promotions. The content is managed and regularly updated by the EDEKA Minden-Hannover IT-Service GmbH. In this manner individual retailers can import their own advertising elements for their stores, or have them imported. They are granted access to the central PRESTIGEenterprise system for this purpose.

In addition to this, nearly 3,000 scales with customer-facing displays encourage customers to purchase, among other things, with emotional images. Since Edeka markets utilize scales from the manufacturers Bizerba and Mettler-Toledo, interface management with connections to both scale manufacturers is among the crucial ways in which PRESTIGEenterprise stands out.

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EDEKA Minden-Hannover

We consciously selected a forward-looking solution in which the process optimisation, the stability, as well as the future viability of the software, and with it the long-term advantages, are the main focus. PRESTIGEenterprise is for us a platform with which we can interface and manage large portions of media important to the retail industry.

Marcus BleidornRetail Media, EDEKA Minden-Hannover IT-Service GmbH
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