Digital Award POPAI 2013 Winner

Intelligent shelf from real,- wins POPAI Digital Award 2013

Cologne/Weinheim, 4th July 2013 +++ The POPAI Digital Award for the best digital signage solution went this year to ‘Shelf Vision’, the intelligent refrigerated shelf from real,-, which was developed in cooperation with the METRO GROUP Future Store Initiative, Online Software AG, Maixsys and the industry partners Danone, Arla Foods, Ferrero and Unilever. In the process, the PRESTIGEenterprise solution beat a variety of competing projects. The distinguished jury decided itself for the digital signage solution from real,- ,because it’s suitable for everyday use and contains highly modern elements. « The ‘Shelf Vision’ shelf received the POPAI Digital Award as much for its innovative strength as for the sophisticated technology behind it, » summarises Dr Gerd Wolfram, managing director of MGI METRO Group Information Technology and patron of the POPAI Digital Awards. « Customers find the new presentation of dairy products extremely appealing and are delighted with the easier orientation. This type of modern shelf protection paves the way for attractive and sustainable stationary trading. » « The individual goods sectors at real,- are designed in a contemporary manner and always in line with our customers’ requirements – and that applies for the refrigerated sector too. Nevertheless, we made it our goal to design the existing refrigerated shelf in an even more modern manner and make it more attractive for our customers and industry partners using the very latest technology. The result is the ‘Shelf Vision‘ shelf, » reports Wulff Lucas, the person responsible for the project at real,- SB Warenhaus GmbH. « Instead of the conventional rack rails with paper labels, electronic shelf brackets with Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs) were installed, which are then brought to life through colourful picture, videos and animations using the PRESTIGEenterprise software from Online Software AG. » Online Software AG is a leader in the field of professional branch advertising and a software partner in the ‘Shelf Vision’ project. The ‘Shelf Vision’ refrigerated shelf consists of several large screens that enable a clear guidance of customers through the dairy products section, and that structure the entire refrigerated shelf according to product segments. In order to appeal to customers on an emotional level, modern LC Displays replace the classic price tags. The relevant content can easily be compiled in the form of programme planning with the help of the PRESTIGEenterprise software. Along with presenting text-based advertising components, it is also possible to play adverts or animations to successfully appeal to customers and highlight campaigns, new products or discounts in a targeted manner. About Online Software AG Online Software AG is a modern, innovative software company focussing on the development of solutions for the international wholesaler and retailer. Online is the market leader in the area of professional branch advertising with the poster and label-printing software PRESTIGE having over 31,000 installations in 35 countries and in 20 languages. Online supports his customers in cross-media marketing of products using the market-leading PRESTIGE software. PRESTIGE supports all kind of media such as posters and shelf labels, as well as new technologies only to mention flat-screen monitors, kiosk systems, scale systems or touch screens even using RFID to trigger an event. Further Information: Online Software AG Sandy Schulze Marketing Manager Tel.: +49 – 6201 – 99 88 – 682 Fax: +49 – 6201 – 99 88 – 77