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Digital Signage: Videowalls, Instore TV, Scales

Kunden Logo dodenhof

Stores: 2 shopping centres
Start: 2009
Partner: Nordland

VMI: Shop Award of the « Visual Merchandising Initiative » 2009
Viscom: Best Digital Signage Solution Retail 2009

Northern Germany’s largest retail store, Dodenhof, successfully relies on modern instore media and uses the software PRESTIGEenterprise for this purpose. Video walls and displays convey emotion about the products in all departments – from the sports and fashion sections, through the food department to the furniture center. The many commercials, films and sale posters are managed by the PRESTIGEenterprise software. Altogether 12 video walls, 58 individual displays, 18 double displays as well as a digital customer information system have been installed (as of 2009). The goal is to appeal to customer emotion, to entertain them and to inspire, and through this to position the company Dodenhof as a modern, customer oriented organization.

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