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Since April of 2015 customers have been warmly welcomed via iBeacon technology on their smartphones in Aachen’s HIT Sütterlin store. The push message is made possible via the new technology in combination with the HIT Sütterlin app. HIT Sütterlin has already used Online Software AG’s app construction kit, from which they’ve built an individual app with the appropriate tools, since 2013. Maximilian Sütterlin is able to very simply access the contents of the app via the PRESTIGEenterprise software and carry out changes himself.

By means of a small iBeacon that is inconspicuously projected on the wall, a radio signal is sent via Bluetooth that leaves a message on a customer’s smartphone. Customers can be alerted in this manner to special offers and promotions in a radius of up to 70 meters.

HIT Sütterlin

We have put much passion in the new store and constructed it with the newest concepts. We certainly do not wish to limp behind in our customer communications.

Maximilian SütterlinHIT Sütterlin owner
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