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Kamps has selected PRESTIGEenterprise software for presenting its range of products and the many innovative promotions in their bakeries. In addition to the simple user interface, the software impresses especially in the great flexibility of template design and the many pragmatic tools that facilitate daily tasks. PRESTIGEenterprise sees to it that color promotional material of varying sizes, from 10 x 5 cm price labels to A1 posters, is consistently presented alike, and that regularly changing promotional material can quickly and easily be reproduced.

With an extensive template portfolio that provides the correct layout for every demand, the marketing department can quickly and efficiently generate the requirement on print media. Among other things templates that are dynamically created are used and automatically retrieve the fitting layout according to item information. Posters without images would have a different layout than posters with images. In addition multiple items can be shown on one poster, a so called multi item poster, and there are several possibilities for displaying a discounted price optically.


We lay great emphasis in creating an atmosphere in Kamps bakeries in which a customer feels comfortable and is invited to stay. The emphasis on craftmanship quality of baked goods is echoed in the entire store concept. Advertisement posters also belong to the entire concept, that reflect this quality. A professional layout that aligns itself on the corporate design is indispensible for this. PRESTIGEenterprise supports us with this, reliably and effectively.

Peter BoschManager Marketing & Communication
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