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« Depot » banks on PRESTIGEenterprise

Weinheim, 23rd August 2011 – Gries Deco Company is implementing the software PRESTIGEenterprise by Online Software AG in 138 Depot branches. Thus, a convenient and versatile digital signage solution is now available which allows staff in the central graphics department to generate and manage contents for screen advertising themselves. PRESTIGEenterprise is a standard retail software distinguished above all by its user friendliness, speed and flexibility as well as by its SAP interface. The IT service provider implementing the software is Nexgen. For Depot, flat screens at checkouts are part of the store’s modern image. They provide information on new products, on particular initiatives, coupons, and payback cards, on services such as packaging return or they display job vacancies. This innovative type of image cultivation was tested in a pilot project at Depot: three screens were installed on the wall behind each checkout and were controlled by a single computer. Customers and staff were very impressed by this type of communication. And with the decision to go for the software PRESTIGEenterprise, the quick expansion of the company with a very high growth in the number of branches after the pilot phase could be easily projected. In May 2011 the company therefore decided to switch to PRESTIGEenterprise, a standard retail software by Online Software AG, in agreement with its longstanding IT service provider Nexgen. Nexgen, the certified partner of Online Software AG, is in charge of the entire branch infrastructure including checkout systems, the use of MDE and also the current digital signage solution with Gries Deco. « Prestige is providing us with a user-friendly software « Made in Germany » that convinced us with its high potential, innovative functions and a long-term development strategy » says André Rüd, IT Project Manager at Depot. « It is also key that with Online Software AG we gained a service-oriented partner that knows and understands the issues of retail. » In cooperation with the full service partner Nexgen and Online Software AG, Gries Deco Company plans to equip another 80 new Depot branches with digital signage systems alone throughout this year. About Gries Deco Company What began as « Oskar Gries Manufacture of artificial fruit and Christmas tree decorations » over 60 years ago has expertly managed to make the leap into the modern. Today, Gries Deco Company GmbH is a company with over 3,000 employees and an annual revenue of around EUR 200 million – and rising. The strong expansion of the last few years has led to its nationwide presence and further growth is planned for the future, both in its own brands and in the expansion of partnerships. Quality and performance. The smooth interplay of all components is the basis for our success. Enterprising courage, engaged employees, a people-oriented corporate culture, imaginative products and a real feeling for the trends of tomorrow. This is reflected particularly in our brands. « DEPOT » and « ipuro » are setting trends in their sectors and are examples for the industry. The supply of innovative design articles at an affordable price taken for granted – our success proves us right. About Nexgen As the IT solutions provider, Nexgen offers hardware, software with back-office and front-office solutions for retail and for central applications (ERP and financial accounting) and comprehensive services. Nexgen maintains around 10,000 checkouts, scales and multimedia systems in Switzerland and Germany. Manor, Lekkerland, Gries Deco Company, Denner, Volg, Spar and Interio are among its customers. Nexgen AG’s headquarters are in Volketswil in Switzerland and the main German branch is in Karlsruhe. About Online Software AG Online Software AG is a modern, innovative software company focussing on the development of solutions for the international wholesaler and retailer. Online is the market leader in the area of professional branch advertising with the poster and label-printing software PRESTIGE having over 31,000 installations in 35 countries and in 20 languages. Online supports his customers in cross-media marketing of products using the market-leading PRESTIGE software. PRESTIGE supports all kind of media such as posters and shelf labels, as well as new technologies only to mention flat-screen monitors, kiosk systems, scale systems or touch screens even using RFID to trigger an event. Further information: Online Software AG Bergstrasse 31 69469 Weinheim, Germany Sandy Schulze Marketing Manager Tel.: +49 6201 9988-682 Fax: +49 6201 9988-77