EuroShop 2017: „Good Morning PRESTIGEenterprise“

Weinheim, February 28, 2017 +++ Online Software presents the PRESTIGE bot KIM for „artificial intelligence with added value“ at EuroShop 2017. The term „bot“ stems from the English word „robot“ and denotes a computer program that for the most part automatically executes repetitive tasks. KIM will help retailers in the future with daily tasks and answer questions about existing Digital Signage systems and their content. For example, „Which content is currently running at the fresh foods counter?“ or „How often is a certain brand displayed?“ In this way a retailer can more easily and quickly analyze the status of a campaign in a branch store and react to the sales trends.

The bots can be used by both retailers and also customers. Customers will be able to retrieve deals that particularly interest them, for example in the area of tourism look up trips for a certain time or to a desired location.

Whether via chat or speech input via Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service, the bot is a digital means of communication based on the PRESTIGEenterprise standard system interface API. It receives all the requirements, analyzes them and delivers the answers. It is intelligent, learns and delivers results in the desired formats: written as a chat answer, or spoken, or as a directly executed action, such as, for example, the immediate activation of a promotional advertisement. Access to the bot occurs via all modern channels. Communication applications, such as Skype or Facetime messenger are just as applicable as voice input with Amazon Alexa.

Three questions to Jürgen Berens von Rautenfeld, board chairman of Online Software AG.

1. Artifical intelligence for added value? What exactly does the PRESTIGE bot do?

The PRESTIGE bot developed by us is a digital assistant that collects information and reports back to the user in the desired form as an answer. A bot can very quickly retrieve matching information from the system and process it. In this manner the retailer receives a better overview of the current topic and is able to make quicker decisions.

2. How may someone try PRESTIGE bot out?

At the moment the bot is in an early Beta phase, however it is continually being developed and is receiving new functionality. For example we have now developed an interface to Amazon’s Voice Service so that Amazon’s Alexa is able to communicate with our PRESTIGE bot. We are introducing various bots for retailers and end customers at EuroShop 2017 and are looking forward to the feedback from our customers. Interested parties should best stop by the PRESTIGE Solution Campus in Hall 6 Stand A79, although we do recommend making an appointment.

The thought behind the new features is principally very simple: I communicate with PRESTIGEenterprise in all manner of ways, type my wishes into a user interface or speak with the system and it answers me in the appropriate everyday language, I chat with it. It learns and fulfills my wishes and demands.

3. Does the future of mobile communcations really look like this?

Chat bots have existed for over 50 years. With the paradigm shift in mobile Internet – away from apps and to platforms that are able to do everything, bots are experiencing a Renaissance. Smartphone users today are installing less apps, because they get lost in the flood of many small features. In addition the handling is tedious since almost every service has its own app and requires its own user account. Add to this the fact that people enjoy communicating mainly via text and voice. This has led to „speaking user interfaces“. In place of clicking on text links and menu points, promotions of the future will react to natural input. The increasing improvements in data collection (Big Data) benefits bots. They have self-learning algorithms that become smarter with each interaction.

With the motto „Shopping with a smile – impressive moments with PRESTIGE“ Online Software, together with partners Allgeier Enterprise Services, AOPEN, NORDLAND systems, Reditune, Samsung Electronics und Tradesolutions, will exhibit highlights of emotionally addressing shoppers in stores in Hall 6 / Stand A79 of EuroShop 2017 – from classic print solutions to digital customer communication on screens, video walls, information terminals, cash registers and scales, all the way to mobile addressing via apps and mobile solutions for contemporary, comfortable work.

About Online Software AG

Online Software AG is an innovative software company with emphasis on the development of solutions for international wholesale and retail. The medium-sized company, located in Weinheim on the Bergstrasse, has supported the retail industry for over 25 years with software solutions for professional instore advertising, and with over 35,000 installations in 35 countries, it is the market leader in the area of media encompassing instore communications and sales promotions. With the software PRESTIGEenterprise, Online Software offers a communications platform for customer addressing at the Point of Sale, which includes classical media as much as digital output media. With this the multiple award winning software forms the perfect basis for an comprehensive communications concept integrating posters and labels as well as large format screens, videowalls, cash register and shopping cart screens, kiosk systems, digital shelves and electronic shelf labels (ESL), all the way to mobile devices, such as smartphones, tables and MDEs.

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