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HIT Dohle Handelsgruppe


Digital Signage: advertising at counter displays

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Partner: Wincor Nixdorf, Nordland Systems GmbH, Mettler Toledo
Stores: 93
Award:  VMI Shop Award 2012

Since January, 2012 Dohle Handelsgruppe informs and promotes towards its customers in many HIT stores not only with print media, such as posters and labels, but also via digital signage media. The fresh food counters have been equipped with 46 inch screens and double screen scales for this purpose, informing about the range of products, special offers and new products, as well as news, weather, sports and culture in selected locations.

Screens have been installed in the empty container return space with much success, not only showing an entertainment program, but also present operation instructions. Since their installation there has been marked decrease of complaints in empty container returns. PRESTIGEenterprise serves as the central advertising system between content and technical presentation.

All modules are centrally managed, although each HIT store’s advertising department can supply its own individual information. In addition to the general playlist, regional news and offers can be added to the playlist or certain content can be displayed only on selected screens in immediate proximity of the items on sale.

Dohle Handelsgruppe GmbH & Co.KG

Since we started using the screens, there have been virtually no complaints in reverse vending.

Manfred WenzelHead of IT Organisation Branch Systems