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Printing & Digital Signage: poster printing, counter displays

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An extensive customer and product group tailored, counter television program has been on display in REWE Dortmund stores since 2012. Along with customer service, this is the manner of informing customers about meat, cold cuts, cheese and fish offers, as well as of origin and optimal preparation, in the fresh produce sections. The goal was to update the technology in all markets so as to give customers additional value around the enjoyment of good food along with the current offers. Not of least importance is the regional covering of information on the large screens behind the counters. With PRESTIGEenterprise as the master system, all central and local content requirements can be immediately adopted overall.

The software allows content from all digital POS media, such as screens, scales and recipe advisers, to match up with each other. A comprehensive, consistent image in all stores to convey the strength of the REWE brand is very important for REWE Dortmund. At the same time each individual retailer should be given the opportunity to distinguish themselves locally as a capable and competitive provider. With the following intention: “Fresh products from the region, that can only be found in my store, your retailer, REWE Dortmund.”

REWE Dortmund

The regional connection of the information and the emotional presentation of the large screen behind the counter is sometimes purchase influencing. With PRESTIGEenterprise we can put all central content immediately and extensively into use, and at the same time feed local promotions and requirements seamlessly into it. In addition PRESTIGEenterprise is scalable and adapts effortlessly to our growth, whether in the number of connected REWE markets or in newer output media.

Jörg PetzkeHead of Marketing, REWE Dortmund

REWE Dortmund

With the PRESTIGEenterprise system, we are in a position to implement all central and local content requirements immediately and comprehensively, and to match up the data from all digital POS media such as screens, scales and recipe advisors. This means that our customers on the market are as well informed as possible.

Toni RöhrHead of IT Retail