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Depot – Gries Deco Company


Digital Signage:
instore tv in cash zones, video wall, display tower, digital information terminal

Stores: 380
Start: 2011
Partner: Nexgen

Flat screens in the checkout area belong to the modern image of a store at Depot. Three displays on the rear of cash register respectively inform customers about newest in the assortment of goods, special offers, coupons, Payback cards, job offers and services, such as product returns. The rapid expansion of a company with strong growth in the number of stores could be unproblematically handled with the decision to use the PRESTIGEenterprise software.

The Depot store in the Hofstatt Center in Munich offers especially innovative retail design within its 1.230 m². It stages furnishing ideas in its highly modern flagship store with original digital signage solutions.

Beside the displays in the checkout area, two video walls in the entrance area draw customer attention with their newest composition examples. A video wall that serves as a floor directory and image commercial can also be found on the stair landing. Fifteen displays altogether are positioned in the Depot store in Hoffstatt Center.

The « display sword » in the Depot store in Essen is another noteworthy digital signage installation, that was planned as an atmospheric customer guidance system, without blocking view of products. Of special note: With a thickness of 12cm it is the thinnest double sided and free standing video wall in Europe, and the contents are visible from every step on each floor. The three story wall monitor is ten meters high and is composed of 18 screens. These show the customer on which floor to find which product, prepare them for the entertainment world in the store with diverse content and cause a high optical range of advertising messages and frame rates.

The display contents are loaded by Gries Deco Company’s marketing department via remote control. All campaigns on the advertising displays can be directly managed by PRESTIGEenterprise.

Press release

Depot – Gries Deco Company

With PRESTIGE, we have a user-friendly piece of software “Made in Germany” available to us, which has impressed us with its considerable potential, innovative functionality and long-term development strategy.

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