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Shelf communication

Modern way of addressing customers

Electronic price labels or electronic shelf labels (ESL) are a digital form of shelf labeling. The small electronic displays are attached to the shelf below the product and show the price of the goods as well as other important product information. As such, they replace the traditional price tag, which is tucked or glued in place.

The most common abbreviation ESL comes from the English and means ‘Electronic Shelf Label’. In German-speaking countries, they are also known as electronic labels or electronic shelf labels. Electronic shelf labels belong to the digital signage solutions in retail and can be connected to the merchandise management system as an accessory if they are compatible. This ensures that the information displayed on them is always up to date.

Through the use of electronic labels in wholesale and retail, products are no longer brought to customers via simple price tags. Using the PRESTIGEenterprise software platform and our digital signage software, the ESLs can display not only prices but also other information relevant to advertising and, depending on the design, smaller two-color graphics. Products can be supplemented with quantity and weight information, or additional information such as allergens or financing offers can be specially highlighted. The electronic price tags can be used in all stores as a solution whose layout and content are centrally managed and locally adapted with PRESTIGEenterprise.

PRESTIGEenterprise offers interfaces to the common ESL manufacturers, so that the output medium ESL can be integrated into the central media planning at the POS and controlled in the same way as all screens and printers. The same database can then also be used.

With ESL always the right price at the right place, automatically.

Do you already use digital signage displays for your promotions, promotions and news? Then electronic shelf labels are a perfect addition. Price labeling and information on the shelf is an important part of addressing customers. Electronic price labels are perfect for this because they are easy to understand, easy to use, always up to date and with the help of the PRESTIGEenterprise content management system from Online Software AG, you can also control your promotions effortlessly and use the new medium to fill the customer’s shopping cart. Use templates to determine which item data you want to have on your electronic shelf label and when. Offer your customers a modern service, which you will find in our digital price labels.

Streamline your processes with the use of electronic price labels so that your employees can concentrate fully on sales and invest more time and energy in advising customers again. There’s no longer any need to have them running from shelf to shelf every day looking for items and laboriously replacing individual paper labels. You can now do this using electronic shelf labels, and in the blink of an eye at the touch of a button – based on your merchandise management system in real time. In this way, you increase your sales and boost customer satisfaction.

Electronic price tags keep your customers informed and ensure that there are no nasty surprises at the checkout or unnecessary escalations in service. Nothing annoys customers more than being told a different price at the checkout than the one communicated at the shelf. The connection to the merchandise management system guarantees the correctness of the data, as every change in the article data is automatically sent to the ESL on the shelf. The article information changes immediately – no matter if price, quantity or product description.

How the Electronic Shelf Label works

Say goodbye to paper! Paper labels are increasingly being replaced by electronic price tags. But how do these technical innovations actually work? Even if they appear visually rigid, the small displays have a lot going for them. By means of a suitable interface, electronic shelf labels immediately receive data transmitted by the merchandise management system. The information on their LCD display is adjusted accordingly as soon as the article information in the merchandise management system changes.

With implementation through electronic price labels, you create a forward-looking shelf labeling system that standardizes, optimizes processes, and thus allows more time for sales. At the same time, they are also the basis for effective, modern POS advertising in the store. Even the display of information from the Internet is possible with the PRESTIGEenterprise software system on electronic price tags.

Benefits and advantages:

  • Attractive – allows for sophisticated designs/design templates
  • Flexible – independent of manufacturer, parallel use of multiple ESL providers possible
  • Simple – one piece of software for all POS media
  • Quick – immediate changes to prices and product data
  • Efficient– no printing and time-consuming distribution and sticking of shelf labels
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