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Solutions for digital media at the POS

Digital media offers you more than just a modern shopping experience. They are eye catchers, idea grabbers, advisors, shop windows and much more. You can represent your company, promote events and special services or simply tempt into purchasing. They are always up-to-date, extremely flexible and variable. Thanks to modern technologies screens, with the help of face tracking or profile-based data, can perfectly demonstrate individually tailored services to those standing across from them. And so bring leverage to your revenue and stability to your customer loyalty.

Simple templates for a professional appearance

Content is king – however it’s not always simple to gather good content for your digital media. With PRESTIGEenterprise you can create templates that give your digital media a consistent framework and help ensure that your advertising messages do not lack any important information, such as the base price, the financing or deposit designation – and all of that automatically.

Create your own digital content yourself – quickly, easily and automated!

Dodenhof setzt Digital Signage im Modehaus ein

Instore TV
Information, entertainment and wait time reduction

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Shorten the waiting time for your customer in typical waiting areas or use the digital eye catchers to communicate promotions, special services or important information in the various departments. Raise the satisfaction of your customers, multiply your sales and increase the relationship to your organisation with an entertaining and informative instore program.

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Promotions at the scale
Appetizers and idea providers

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Create inspired customers out of waiting customers and an expert out of each employee, especially at the service counter, with the introduction of double screen scales. PRESTIGEenterprise contains interfaces to scales from both Mettler-Toledo and also Bizerba that you may use to whet the appetite of your customers with delicious images and to promote the cross selling of products.

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Wincor Nixdorf Kasse Superstore Vorlage Angebot

Promotions at the checkout
Gain loyal customers

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The checkout zone is the ideal place to animate customers to return. Remain in their memories with information about coming events and offers, special after sales services on screens in the checkout zone or directly on the cash register. General information about the weather, news and going out tips are also as well received by your customers, as the products in their shopping carts.

Touchsystem mit Wegeleitsystem

Kiosk solutions & customer guidance systems
Interactive details and information

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Many customers desire additional information, but don’t wish to ask, or no sales personnel happens to be available. You can provide customers with an information system, in the form of a touch system, on which they can interactively obtain the exact information they require and at the same time advise them. Additionally you can make them aware of add-on products. Information from the merchandise management system can serve just as well as content providers as data from the company website or online shop.

Elektronische Regaletiketten ESL Lebensmitteleinzelhandel Marmelade

Electronic shelf labels – ESL
Reliable changes on the shelf

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Make sure that the price on the shelf always matches the price at the checkout and update the product data on the shelf quickly and reliably with electronic shelf labels. Sophisticated designs can be created with PRESTIGEenterprise regardless of the manufacturer and can be displayed on small LCD displays, supplemented by product graphics and manufacturer logos. You can take advantage of the benefits of PRESTIGEenterprise for electronic shelf labels (ESL) too – independent of manufacturer – via an interface. Parallel use of several ESL providers is even possible.

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Digital Signage Digitale Regalleisten Fashion Schuhe

Digital shelf rails
Shelves newly set at center stage

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With the small screens that are installed on shelf railings you can especially accentuate important products. With attention-grabbing animations, videos and images direct the gaze of your customers towards the shelves. Of course always supplement with price information and product data. Content can be changed here just as quickly, easily and effortlessly with PRESTIGEenterprise software as on normal screens.

Display mit Mitarbeiter TV LEH DE Info

Digital board
Learning rather than waiting

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Help your customers quell their need for information and shorten possible waiting times. Animated images convey more information more evocatively. With offers, event information, job listings and general news, captivate the attention of your customers and encourage additional purchases.

Digital Signage Diplaywerbung Getränke Leergutrücknahme

Reverse vending
Idea providers with a demand for information

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A perfect location for the perfect infotainment mix. Current beverage promotions, recipes and product recommendations are correctly placed here. Exactly as involvement in regional or social activities, for instance, with the automatic donation of deposit amounts. But the operating instructions are also useful and minimize complaints from misuse. You have the ideas, we have the technology.

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