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This was the EuroShop 2020

Hall 6 / booth A79

At the PRESTIGE Solution Campus of Online Software AG, you had the experience to the entire spectrum of the shopper’s emotional address in the store – from trend topics such as artificial intelligence in retail, voice commerce with solutions for speech assistants on the shop floor and apps to digital customer communication on screens, video walls, information terminals, cash registers and scales through to classic automated printing solutions.

Our PRESTIGE solution partners

PRESTIGE Solution Partner EuroShop 2020
PRESTIGE solutions for food retailer
PRESTIGE solutions for the fashion industry
PRESTIGE solutions for DIY
PRESTIGE solutions for the furniture industry

ADAM Event-Box

The ADAM Infopoint makes it possible to cast a spell on customers with catchy figures that trigger extensive product information via NFC technology. The small model of the AIDA triggers information about the diverse cruise trips – and at the same time shows live where AIDA is currently on the world’s oceans. Customers can access a wide variety of information and have everything displayed on the screen.

PRESTIGEenterprise - NFC-basierte Lösungen im Bereich Touristik

Lift & Learn

Wouldn’t it be practical to get information about the product you are holding? With the Lift & Learn solution, individual product information is possible when items are removed from the shelf. The system differentiates between different types of packaging, even if a product is in the wrong place. Ingredients, origin and references to corresponding products can be displayed on a screen above the product category. In this way, you captivate customers with surprising service and additional information for something that really interests them.

Voice Commerce – solutions for speech assistants in retail

The software platform PRESTIGEenterprise uses the Amazon speech assistant Echo as a human-sounding contact point for retailers and end customers, and answers questions on the basis of all available information from retailers, as well as from end customers – at home, but also at the POS. The voice system can be supplemented by the display of additional information on a screen.
A simple skill management was developed on the basis of PRESTIGEenterprise to allow content to be altered quickly and simply. Via the software platform, you can very easily alter, supplement or delete data promoted by Alexa each day. With PRESTIGEenterprise, you not only organise Alexa, but also gain control of all other output media at the POS, whether it’s a poster or a screen, mobile or stationary, printed or digital.

PRESTIGEenterprise app ToolKit for events

You are organising an event or a congress and would like to also provide your participants with all the information on a mobile basis? PRESTIGEenterprise can help with this. In this way, you are not just promoting your event, but offering your participants many modern services directly on their smartphones. Letting them join the discussion on the go, ask questions of the speakers and vote.
Numerous modules
Simply select the most suitable module from the wide range of modules, determine app design, done. Let your participants know when which lecture takes place, where they can find the venues and motivate them to ask their questions to the speakers, as well as participate in live surveys easily via the app. Use push messages to draw attention to special information and easily acquire feedback on the move.
The challenge of data maintenance
Maintain your app content quickly and easily yourself using the mobile portal of the software platform PRESTIGEenterprise. This gives you independence and the ability to react rapidly.



With the live TV solution tierwohl.tv, Online Software AG offers an easy-to-install digital signage solution based on the software platform PRESTIGEenterprise.
tierwohl.tv supports retailers and farmers in communicating their commitment to better animal welfare to consumers in a convincing and credible manner. The aim is to give consumers in grocery stores a direct view via live TV into the housing and living conditions of the animals whose meat they buy and whose eggs they want to eat. And for that, they are prepared to pay more money than for the meat of a conventionally raised animal.
To this end, the interest group tierwohl.tv provides a platform for farmers and retailers, which enables the transmission of a live TV feed from the barn to the screens in the retailer’s shop.
tierwohl.tv facilitates the requisite transparency and honesty needed to gain and build consumer confidence when dealing with farm animals

tierwohl.tv - die Livestream-Lösung für mehr Kundenvertrauen und Transparenz am POS

Infinity Shopping Shelf – the digital shelf for retail

Present your products completely virtually on a screen on the Infinity Shopping Shelf (ISS), a digital shelf. Effectively promote your products, solutions and services by means of images and video and enable your customers to call up more information themselves. As a digital signage solution, the ISS allows you to offer products, which are not kept in store due to lack of space or are only available in the online shop as a supplement to the product range.
Detail pages behind the advertised products on which customers can request further information on the product lead to better customer interaction. Additionally, links allow the integration of further functions, such as payment functions, customer assessments and printouts of coupons.
The integration of web contents is also possible, allowing information already available on the company website or in the online shop to be transferred to the ISS as well and used at the POS.
The Infinity Shopping Shelf can be easily populated with contents using the digital signage software PRESTIGEenterprise.

Erweiterte Regalfläche mit dem Infinity Shopping Shelf

Mobile Browser

The MobileBrowser allows you easy and convenient access to PRESTIGEenterprise and the collection of data directly at the POS via mobile input devices such as MDEs or smartphones. Scan an item’s barcode or enter the data manually by keyboard. The data can either be stored on the device or be transmitted online to your web server via Wireless-LAN/UMTS.
With this process automation, print jobs can be sent immediately to the back office printer or the offers can be broadcast as electronic posters, videos or animations on your advertising screens.
The MobileBrowser is available for download free of charge as an app in the App Store or Google Play Store. It is suitable for installation and use on all iPhones, iPads and Android smartphones. By simply scanning the EAN-Codes using the camera integrated in the device, all product data can be read in. Of course, the EAN code can also be entered manually and product information can be called up.

MobileBrowser von PRESTIGEenteprise

The Internet of Things – how customers will be shopping at the POS in 2025

The IoT superstore of our PRESTIGE Solution partner, Allgeier Enterprise, displays big solutions in the smallest of spaces. In addition to modern, in-store communication based on PRESTIGEenterprise—such as data-based promotions, face tracking advertising and advertising impact monitoring—solutions for measuring customer frequency and RFID-supported solutions will also be displayed. The intelligent networking of devices and machines via the Internet will considerably change how we live and work in the future. It also offers the retail trade exciting opportunities and an enormous potential for innovation.
The IoT store will be presented in the PRESTIGE Solution Campus. All functions can be demonstrated live.

Micro Market der Firma Allgeier ES
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