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Create posters easily and quickly on the go

Generate posters and screen playlists with mobile devices – it’s easy using your existing mobile data entry device (MDE) or smartphone.

In the stockroom or on the shop shelf

Take advantage of the benefits of mobile data entry in the future for poster and labelling needs while you are still in front of the product, which you want to advertise.

Simply scan or manually enter product information with your MDE device or smartphone and then this can either be displayed immediately on the advertising screen or collected later from the back office printer and hung up. Or both. The MobileBrowser makes it possible.

Functionality and method of operation

The MobileBrowser module allows you to collect data directly where it is generated. This type of information collection can be carried out both by entering the barcode or via keyboard entry. The data can then either be saved in the device or forwarded online to your web server by wireless LAN/UMTS. With this process automation, print jobs can be immediately sent to the back office printer or the offers can be broadcasted as an electronic poster, video or animation on your advertising screens.

Application possibility

At the fruit stand:
You still need to sell your overripe bananas today at all costs? Creating a promotional sign takes up too much time? With the MobileBrowser from PRESTIGEenterprise, you can easily record the product directly at the fruit stand. Your corresponding offer is then quickly and easily printed out at the back office or directly broadcasted via a promotional screen.

In the shoe shop:
In order to create room for this season’s products, the shelves in the shop floor area have to be cleared. With the MobileBrowser, you can easily scan the barcodes of all shoes for sale and, thanks to PRESTIGEenterprise, you can create the corresponding price tickets, labels or presentation for your advertising screen while you are still in the sales room.

Benefits and advantages

  • Comfortable: respond quickly and easily on-site
  • Reduced: avoid mistakes when looking for and arranging products and prices
  • Automated: increase in process efficiency
  • Additional value: additional value for existing MDE devices and smartphones
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