Multiple article posters

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Multiple article posters

More than just a poster

Multipart offers, for example, at the deli counter or in the lunch menu and multiple article offers can now be combined in a poster by means of a few clicks and even updated with the new multiple article poster module. Every article is linked with a merchandise management system or any database, and is automatically adjusted on your poster as soon as the master data changes.

On demand, even mobile! In this way, your customers will see several complementary products at a glance. Simply choose by clicking and custom combined, your advertising becomes even more successful, without much additional effort.


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Many articles little effort

Especially in a multi part offering, such as furniture sets or porcelain series, where different matching individual units are depicted, accuracy is important.

PRESTIGEenterprise demonstrates its power once again in this case for the automation of processes, because if prices or article descriptions in the article master data change, multiple article posters enable immediate update of all data on your posters. This makes your work easier and avoids errors.

Functionality and method of operation

The new multiple article poster module makes it is possible to combine several articles in a poster in PRESTIGEenterprise. As usual you can also create the templates of multiple article posters in PRESTIGE 8 and then use these for the print as well as for the display area. Because the inserted article data is linked with the corresponding master data, the content subscription can be used here, as for the single poster, and therefore changes to the article master data of individual articles can be taken directly on the displayed capturing the article can optionally occur from the PC at the workplace or with the additional MobileBrowser module via mobile data input devices such as smartphones. The single article search as well as the article search can be used to add articles. Here, single as well as a selection of articles can be added, deleted or changed directly via the MobileBrowser.

Connected with the MobileBrowser module you can comfortably select the individual articles, whilst standing in front of the products to be advertised, bring them into the desired display format and then transmit the designed poster online per WLAN/UMTS to the central PRESTIGEenterprise server. From there the poster is either sent immediately to the monitor as a playlist or as a print job to a printer.

If more articles are selected than can fit on a poster, several posters are created automatically.

Possible applications

Multiple article posters find typical field of application in the do it yourself and furniture industry, as well as in the bistro, travel and supermarket sector.

For example, in the bath furniture division: You would like to advertise a bath series consisting of a base cabinet, a wall cupboard and a mirror cabinet? Using the multiple article posters you can show the advertising price for the entire set, as well as the individual prices of the products. If a new batch of mirror cabinets arrives with a lower price, the price, description and picture changes automatically depending on the setting and design of the poster.

Benefits and advantages

  • Practical: The desired data can be combined with a few clicks
  • Saving time: Quick and easy changes
  • Sales promotional: Complementary articles inspire purchase
  • Automated: Central master data maintenance automatic update of poster content
  • Clarity: Everything at a glance for more clarity and a lower rate of error
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