PRESTIGEenterprise Release 4.3 DVD Cover

New Software Generation PRESTIGEenterprise 4.3

Weinheim, 12 June 2015 +++ The new software generation PRESTIGEenterprise 4.3, available as of June, is aimed at the IT and communication landscape of large enterprises. Alongside extensive new features in media management and other improvements in poster printing, various background processes have also been greatly optimised and improved to allow quick and easy management of networks, even those containing several thousand screens and printers. Focused on the printed, digital and mobile sales approach at the POS, Version 4.3 is even more powerful and feature-rich, for greater possibilities in professional and modern communication between branches. Based on latest-generation technologies, PRESTIGEenterprise 4.3 contains numerous interfaces to allow integration into the structures and workflows of existing IT systems. Usage rules further allow transparent, secure working even in internationally operating businesses. Playlist Mixer simplifies media planning Version 4.3 allows for the planning and playing of more than just one playlist. This makes planning much easier with PRESTIGEenterprise, where playlists with entirely different playback schedules can now be played automatically in succession. So if playlist A is active from Monday through Saturday and playlist B is only active on Friday and Saturday afternoons, then on Friday afternoon playlists A and B are automatically played one after the other and from Monday on it automatically switches back to just playlist A. Series slots can also be added to the running playlists, with special offers for after hours, for example. Even the graphical programme guide has been revised to maintain a clearer overview. Comfortable LivePreview The smart poster preview offered by the new LivePreview module makes daily handling easier and supports integration into other systems. With LivePreview, posters, labels and ESLs can be previewed and verified as soon as data has been created in the inventory management system without it being saved. In addition posters can be created containing data prior to it being transferred to PRESTIGEenterprise. Flexibly editable “opening times” To save energy, the “Night Mode” function has evolved into the far more detailed “Opening Times” function, which allows for finer control. It is now possible to separately configure screen on and off times for each day of the week. As always in PRESTIGEenterprise, there are default settings as well as the option to define exceptions, for example for terminals or screens in display window areas. Expanded functionality and new features as basis for large-scale installations In the print media area, the search functionality in poster folders has been further optimised to allow for more detailed search with substantially shorter loading times. The new detailed search by text, article number or EAN yields faster results and allows for more targeted search results. The search filter for existing templates has also been further refined. To ease the integration of PRESTIGEenterprise into large companies and enterprises, groups and users can now be automatically imported from XML files of user rights and authorisation systems. Users can be assigned to groups and branches already during the import process. Communication with the display engine has been optimised in Version 4.3 and the load on retailer application host massively reduced, by prioritizing the processing of current playlists and only checking the changes since the last connection. The display engines automatically adapt to server behaviour. When server loads are high, packets are reduced in size and intervals between queries prolonged. Upon low or dropping server loads, packets are restored to their original size and the intervals shortened again. This is especially important for installations with 1,000 screens or more. To allow professional monitoring of advertising effectiveness, playback data is stored along with content, display duration, date and time, and can then be sent for analysis to a data analysis system such as Retail Business Analytics (RBA) or Business Intelligence System. About Online Software AG Online Software AG is a modern, innovative software company focusing on the development of solutions for the international wholesale and retail trade. Online is a market leader in the field of professional branch advertising with its PRESTIGE poster and labelling software which has been installed more than 35,000 times in 35 countries and 20 language versions. Online supports retailers in the cross-media marketing of products using the market-leading PRESTIGEenterprise software which combines traditional media, such as posters and shelf labels, with the latest digital POS technologies. Many retail businesses are thus increasingly making use of complementary marketing concepts via flat-screen monitors, kiosk systems, scale systems or touch screens. Further Information: Online Software AG Bergstrasse 31 69469 Weinheim, Germany Sandy Heinzmann Manager Marketing & Communication Tel.: +49 – 6201 – 99 88 – 682 Fax: +49 – 6201 – 99 88 – 77