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    Template management

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Template management

Simple templates for your professional appearance

PRESTIGEenterprise offers templates that can be individually designed and then easily, and in part automated, filled with content for customer communication.

No matter if it pertains to

  • printed or digital posters
  • posters or labels with or without product images
  • full surface, integrated images, videos or web content

with PRESTIGEenterprise everyone is with corresponding authorisation able to put actions that are relevant for successful communication with customers into practice.

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How it all works

A template with clearly defined fields, for example, for video or product image, product description, logo, quantity, price, etc., that can be filled centrally or locally according to pre-defined specification, is created for every intended purpose.

In addition the fields can be animated as desired so that a product image flies in with an elegant sweep and the eye-catching promotional price appears.

Automation for fast content transitions

The connection to your database guarantees absolutely reliable product information in your advertising. A price change for a product in your merchandise management system, for example, triggers the same price to appear immediately in all connected output media, such as ESL, screens, scales or cash registers. Also when the appearance of a product changes, it is immediately and automatically adjusted in all output media.

Template management with PRESTIGEenterprise

Here you can see an example of how template management works with the PRESTIGEenterprise digital signage software for the fashion & lifestyle industry.

Base price calculation

The automated base price calculation of PRESTIGE fulfills all the legal requirements and allows for the correct display of the quantity and price information of your POS media. This calculation contains the rounding up and down of the quantity information as well as the updating of the price. The display of the base price calculation can only occur if the appropriate fields are integrated into your layout.

Strike through price calculation

You can create discount campaigns and emphasize current sales prices with the strike through price. To optimally display reductions, both the old and new sale prices can be stored in PRESTIGE. The input old sales price is automatically struck through via the layout dynamics. This can be ideally used by the sale of products, especially within the food industry.

Deposit display

On beverage posters – printed as well as digital – deposit information can not be omitted in many European countries. PRESTIGE software provides all the necessary fields for this. It’s possible to present deposit information for entire crates as well as for individual bottles. In addition the ground price is automatically calculated and displayed.

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