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Instore TV

Successful, digital communication at the POS

Retail studies have proven that 14 percent more revenue is possible through the use of images on posters alone and even 21 percent more revenue through brand animations and videos in the form of Instore TV, meaning flat screens. Instore TV can be employed in a wide range of applications.

Regardless of whether it’s behind a cheese counter, at the cash register or in the area of the changing room, three things count when adopting Instore TV:

  • The correct positioning in a waiting area
  • The content itself
  • The timeliness of the content
Fleischtheke mit Verkäufer und Mutter mit Kind

Instore TV should be perceived by customers as pleasant entertainment – only then do they welcome the advertising message via Digital Signage Systems and subconsciously have a positive perception of it.

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Intuitive Handling – Instore TV

The Digital Signage Software PRESTIGEenterprise  supports you with the creation and distribution of your Instore TV program with simple tools and intuitive handling. Only with these is it possible to gurarantee that up-to-date changes are quickly transferred digitally in Instore TV, so that the Instore TV program remains highly topical and interesting.

Support your sales with emotionally appealing ad spots on screens that are displayed near advertised products. Inform your customers, for example, about your wine assortment with display built in to the wine counter, or offer current makeup tips in the cosmetic area alongside matching product recommendations.

Support impulse purchases for example when a leather jacket is purchased, provide information about important care products on the cash register screen or about barbecue sauce offers at the meat counter.

PRESTIGEenterprise offers a wide range of possibilities to realize your wishes and ideas, and in addition offer your customers an added service.

Your benefits with Instore TV

The huge benefit of Instore TV is that the contents can be changed in seconds and the advertising messages and offers can remain extremely timely and tailored to fit your customers. In the morning, when housewives and husbands mostly shop, you can show other content than in the evening hours, when singles and DINKS (Double Income No Kids) are mostly visiting the same store.

The multiple use of digital posters and the simple and quick change of dozens of screens in realtime offers a cost savings that is not to be underestimated. The Digital Signage Software PRESTIGEenterprise works with product data and can interface with merchandise management systems and marketing databases. In this way many processes run automated and can be best optimized. A not to be underestimated time savings and error minimization are the results.

Enthusiastic customers

Our Digital Signage Software PRESTIGEenterprise makes it possible for Instore TV to be operated in a network of several hundred presentation systems with individual programming.

On the one hand general content can played on all displays in the entire network and on the other hand, individual programming content on selected digital screens is shown in this manner, for example, content that is tailored for a particular region.

To consciously accept Instore TV content, customers require time and peace to take it all in. This is why the best place for Instore installations are in the waiting areas. Regardless of whether at the cash register, at fresh produce or information counters, changing rooms, elevators or in store windows – wherever customers have to wait, advertising messages can be vividly distributed with Instore TV. A waiting customer is receptive, if not even thankful for a little diversion, entertainment and information.

Do you have questions about our company and products? Feel free to use our Hotline or email our service team to obtain further information.

Digital marketing at the point of sale

From a marketing viewpoint, Instore TV is the best possibility to inform consumers elegantly at the point of sale, advise them directly and deliver product recommendations, with the goal of encouraging purchase motivation.

Use digital media solutions at the POS to draw attention to your products via targeted information and advertisement on site. Subtly make your customers aware of relevant offers and get in touch nationwide with diverse target audiences.

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