Bon Preu advertises with PRESTIGE

Weinheim, 13th December 2010: The Spanish supermarket chain Bon Preu has successfully completed the introduction of PRESTIGE into its Intermarché branches in Catalonia, which the company acquired in spring 2010. Bon Preu has used PRESTIGE since 2005. The company uses this market-leading software for price labelling and instore marketing through printing price tags and shelf strips, as well as for larger-sized advertising mediums such as posters and ceiling suspensions. “The price and advertising information will be created at Bon Preu’s head office. It will then be sent to the different branches and printed out on site”, said Ramon Teixidó, manager of d-retail S.L., long-time partner of the Online Software AG in Spain. “If it is required, branch employees, depending on their level of authority and the period of the advertising campaign itself, can make changes to the information on the print-out”. d-retail has been training branch employees during the conversion period in order to ensure a smooth changeover in the stores. In the course of the introduction of PRESTIGE into the former Intermarché branches, Bon Preu has also invested in new printers which will allow the Spanish supermarket chain to create sign and poster printouts up to A1 size directly in the branch. The simplicity of PRESTIGE software as well as its optimised resource saving process are significant reasons for the transfer to this tried-and-tested software concept, which will quickly and easily fulfil all of the branches needs, from price tickets on shelf strips to large-format A1 posters. “If Bon Preu wants to introduce large format displays and double monitor scales into its stores in the next few years, these new information and advertising mediums can be seamlessly integrated into the PRESTIGE settings”, announced Jürgen Berens von Rautenfeld, CEO of Online Software AG. “All printouts crated by PRESTIGE can be re-used by PRESTIGEenterprise and store staff keeps the used user interface”. Additional information about Online Software AG Online Software AG is a modern, innovative software company which focuses on the development of solutions for price communication and advertising at the Pos. Online is a market leader in the area of professional branch advertising, with the PRESTIGE software suite being installed more than 30,000 times in 35 countries in 20 different languages. Online supports his customers in cross-media marketing of products using the market-leading PRESTIGE software. products through the market-leading PRESTIGE software, which uses classic print and digital media as well as new technologies such as RFID and Mobile Phones. PRESTIGE customers not only use the software for label printing and signage, but for price communication and advertisement on flat screens, kiosk systems, scales or touch screens as well. About Bon Preu The retail group Bon Preu S.A., founded in 1974 and headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, runs supermarkets under the names Bon Preu and Orangutan, the hypermarket Esclat and Esclatoil petrol stations. It owns 151 branches in total. About d-retail D-retail is a long-standing retailing partner of Online Software AG in Spain, who offers retail solution, consulting and installation. Further Information: Online Software AG Bergstrasse 31 69469 Weinheim, Germany Sandy Schulze Marketing Manager Tel.: +49 – 6201 – 99 88 – 682 Fax: +49 – 6201 – 99 88 – 77