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LiveInfo & eLearning Centre

Inform customers at the POS

Helpful information and notes for customers and employees on demand. Recommended for use in kiosk systems, scales and tills with touch display.

Always up to date

Use the LiveInfo & eLearning Center server module together with PRESTIGEenterprise as an in house knowledge database. If this is centrally maintained and regularly updated, you can provide your customers with valuable additional information, which will assist their buying decisions. At the same time, your employees can independently keep up to date with the various sales promotion topics.


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Functionality and method of operation

The PRESTIGEenterprise LiveInfo & eLearning Center offers the opportunity to create templates for different information systems and to store considerable amounts of additional information about the products in the stock list (text, pictures). If information is retrieved via an authenticated interface by one of your employees or customers, an automatic linking of the template with the deposited additional information takes place which is then shown via digital POS media such as kiosk systems, touch scales or price checkers.

Application possibility

Providing information for your sales assistants

For example, in an electrical retail store: your customer wants to buy an LCD TV and enquires after the latest test results and additional product features. After a quick barcode scan, your sales assistant receives all important and latest additional information about the corresponding product. Of course, the customer can also find out information himself directly via an information terminal with integrated LiveInfo & eLearning Center.

For example, at the sausage counter: the customer wants to buy an exclusive type of ham and enquires about its origins, ingredients and maturity. When weighing the product, your sales assistant very simply retrieves the centrally stored information about the ham. Notes about nutritional value tables, allergy information or recipe ideas are also additionally available.

Providing information for your customers

Example of a specialist wine retailer: your customer scans the wine bottle on the info display directly on the shelf. In addition to the retail price, information such as origin, flavour and drinking suggestions appear.

Benefits and advantages

  • Flexible: can be used for operator scales & self service scales, price checkers, kiosk systems
  • Promotional: more additional sales through the enhanced specialist competence of your service personnel
  • Informative: the better the PRESTIGEenterprise administered server is maintained, the more up to date the information will be
  • Dual: available product information can be both retrieved by your customers themselves (digital POS advertising) and provided by your service stuff (eLearning)
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