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Easy create and distribute print jobs

Reduce your daily work for the printing of self-provided documents. With the optimized PrintShop, you can outsource your poster printing in just a few clicks.

Collect documents clearly and distribute them in a targeted way

You are laboriously copying your print templates into design programmes or are generating them as PDFs in order to send them to your printer by email or data carrier?

With the PrintShop, branches without a large format printer can also collate their individual posters as banners, outdoor signs and other types of poster advertisement and forward them to the correct external body for printing with the press of a button.

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Application possibility

Various PrintShops can be attached to various purposes. These pass on the respective jobs with the pressing of a button to the corresponding service provider. In this way, for example, the central unit as a “PrintShop”, prints all posters for the preferred placements. An external print office as another “PrintShop” produces all outdoor posters. The service provider which prints the banners also becomes a “PrintShop”. And the branches themselves, also as a “PrintShop”, print their labels and small posters with their own printers.

Functionality and method of operation

With the PrintShop, you can automatically print out your self provided documents, even if you do not have a poster printer. With just a few simple clicks, the job is correspondingly forwarded to where it can be carried out. The PrintShop can be filled with print jobs specific to the branch so that, for example, the southern branches automatically use the southern print office, while print jobs from the northern branches are directly sent to the northern copy centre.

Furthermore, the PrintShop can also be used to centrally order promotional materials by companies. For stock type such as window stickers, floor graphics, etc., which primarily have nothing to do with posters, separate order lists are created by the central PrintShop. These can be directly printed out on the printer in the marketing material warhouse and used for commissioning.

Benefits and advantages

  • Clear: comfortable monitoring and collation of print jobs
  • Fast: acceleration of the entire printing process, from ordering to delivery
  • Flexible: local users no longer just have access to their own printers
  • Practical: extended use of PrintShop for ordering promotional material
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