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Modern customer approach at the fresh food counter

More and more customers are encouraging the purchase of products in shopping malls, supermarkets and other outlets from recommendations displayed on monitors. The digital sales helpers have also arrived at the fresh food counter. Among other things, the digital signage counter scale is used as the output medium. It passes on product and advertising information directly to the consumer directly at the point of sale (POS). The visual messages on the customer screen of the scale arouse the interest of your customers and thus influence the purchasing behavior.

The counter scales from the market-leading scale manufacturers Bizerba and Mettler Toledo, together with the web-based standard software PRESTIGEenterprise, offer various digital signage solutions for the balance display. So you can effectively integrate the counter scales for your in-store marketing as well as for your sales promotion.


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The software for the digital signage counter scale

Using the new generation of scales by the two leading scale manufacturers PRESTIGEenterprise gives you the opportunity to market your products even more effectively and with emotional content in close proximity of customers.

  • Promotional sales on the client side: Recommend a bottle of wine that goes well with a certain cheese or suggest a gravy to suit cutlets.
  • Advise on the server side: Display your recommendations on modern flat screen displays and bolster your sales as well as your revenues.

Your benefits at a glance

Through the use of digital signage counter scales, in addition to the transport of relevant information, additional purchases are also animated, thereby positively influencing sales. These five good reasons speak for the introduction of a digital counter scale:

  • Inspirational customer approach through tasty pictures and videos
  • Promoting sales through impulse purchases, which are aroused by product-related recommendations
  • Strengthening of expertise through additional information available on the counter scales and valuable customer tips from the sales staff
  • Better publication of the sale by referring to promotions and special offers on the double-screen scales
  • Increase revenues through easier marketing of your products
  • The intermedial communication through the weighing systems with two digital screens is the new generation of marketing. In addition, the type of visual language is easy to understand and easy to implement as an information medium

Advertising messages that are not directly related to the sale of goods can also be transmitted around the clock via the digital signage counter scales with touch screen. However, cooperation and advertising partners as well as social engagements can also be made known via this route.

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