Kiosk System Solutions

Information terminals for your customers directly at the Point of Interest (PoI) or at the Point of Sale (PoS)

Kiosk systems are public information terminals which offer users information about certain topics

Integrated displays with emotional content:

  • Image marketing
  • Product information
  • Clips
  • Cross-selling

Positive shopping experience directly at the PoI!

PRESTIGEenterprise allows you to individually design and control kiosk system programs and interfaces. Marketing messages with emotional content, such as flash animations, videos, or static picture material turn regular shopping trips into an event.

What is a Kiosk system?

Kiosk systems are public information terminals, also known as POI systems (Point of Interest) or POS systems (Point of Sale), providing customers with information about related topics.

Ususally kiosk systems can be found in form of columns with integrated displays which can be controlled by customers via an interactive touch screen. PRESTIGEenterprise software allows you to design programs and interfaces for kiosk systems to your liking.

LiveInfo & eLearning Center

Information must always be up to date and cutting edge. With the Live Information & E-Learning Center PRESTIGE offers you the possibility to provide your customers with diverse information. The program reads this information directly from a centrally maintained database, such as your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

If you change product numbers, ingredients, or product manufacturer information contained in your kiosk system, your system will provide customers with up-to-date information.

The Live Info & E-Learning Center is also available for scales.

Recipe Printing

Would you like to do something nice for your customers and at the same time create more purchase impulses? Provide your customer with a recipe for beef while he or she is requesting more information about the origins of the meat in question. Or inform your customer about an exclusive bottle opener as he or she is inquiring about a wine-growing area. Surely your customer will appreciate additional information about a musician’s other CD’s while inquiring about the latest release.

Thanks to PRESTIGEenterprise’s EventHandler you can interactively communicate with your customers.
The easy to use user interface  – operable with either a mouse or via touch screen, depending on your system – will pique your customer’s curiosity and the desire for more. The recipe print solution is also available for scales.

ShowSafe - Secure and Advertise

More than 75% of all purchase decisions are made directly at the POS and more than 84% of all customers would like to test products before purchasing them. With ShowSafe you not only secure your merchandise but also inform your customers about special offers and sales directly at the POS. At the same time your customers have the opportunity to thoroughly test your products.

As soon as a customers picks up a secured product, information about the product will be displayed on a monitor in close proximity to the customer. PRESTIGEenterprise will then display the desired advertisements in the form of emotional content, either as flash animations, videos, or static image material.

The kiosk terminal ShowSafe comes with an easy to use user interface which facilitates the navigation between different selection options. Use the displays to present image advertisements or to communicate the advantages of your products with a few short clips. Use the possibilities this interactive communication medium offers to increase impulse purchases and therefore your sales, reducing thefts at the same time.

Sales increasing Cross-Selling: Advertise a cell phone compatible Bluetooth®-Headset or a telephoto lens for a digital camera. Turn each shopping trip into an event!

Your Advantages

Customers: More shopping!

  • Easier access to high quality products
  • Instant product information
  • No pressure on the customer to purchase the product
  • Self-service environment
  • Positive shopping experience

Sales persons: Higher revenue!

  • Anti-theft store display
  • Relieve employees
  • Flexibility and freedom of product placement
  • Attractive arrangement of the POS
  • Maintenance-free products

*ShowSafe™ is distributed exclusively by Checkpoint Systems®.

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