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POS is the location with the strongest potential for brand development. It is where the customer has immediate contact with the product. And it is also where POS advertising steps in: it triggers off people’s final decisive impulse to buy, it supports the brand image, and it creates a tangible sense of sales support.

It has long since been the case that well-arranged and tidy shelves aren’t enough for making a retail outlet an attractive place in which to go shopping. It is only through sales promotion measures that a shopping trip becomes a positive experience and retail outlets become shopping worlds. POS advertising not only provides customers with orientation, it also makes their purchasing decisions easier.

According to surveys, it is also known that consumers are looking for simplification and confirmation. And they want to feel at home at the retail outlet. With the right POS marketing at their store, they can provide their customers with a satisfactory shopping experience.

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Strategic marketing at the point of sale: POS advertising

POS advertising works! 70 percent of all decisions to buy take place in the shop—the best starting situation for POS Marketing. The comprehensive PRESTIGEenterprise software for multi-format printing and digital signage solutions provide you with the best quality POS advertising.

Would you like to be able to easily design and print posters that advertise your products and campaigns? With the PRESTIGEenterprise templates, you can achieve a uniform POS advertising in your company’s corporate design. Would you like to create a new advertising programme for your customer display screens? With PRESTIGEenterprise you can do this from your office, your home or when you’re on the move—wherever you may be. In this way, the management of the advertising data and the display screens is easy and possible on a store-spanning basis. POS advertising has never been easier!

Convince at the POS

If you design your posters with sales-promoting images and logos and enhance your in-store TV advertising with animated pictures and videos on the products, you can get everything out of your price and advertising communication at the point of sale.

With PRESTIGEenterprise you can use more than 1,000 high-resolution pictures and graphics on a variety of subject areas. In this way you can customise your posters individually and design them in accordance with your customers. Whether printed or on sales-boosting digital displays. In this way, not only is the presentation of your items attractive, it is also uniform!

Our customer references speak for themselves and provide a very good impression of the many possibilities that our PRESTIGEenterprise digital signage software is able to offer you. Do you have any questions on our products? You are welcome to contact us by telephone on +49 6221 40508 0 or with the contact form—we will be pleased to assist you!

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