POS Marketing

All POS marketing measures aim to increase sales and promote brand or store loyalty. Modern POS marketing integrates all communication instruments that are available and, moreover, attempts to create increased value for the consumer. Especially in economically lean times, it is important to advertise efficiently. The perfect place to do this is right there, where the consumer is being offered the product, at the point-of-sale. This is where the advertising messages meet customers directly, and can trigger an immediate buying decision. 70 per cent of all buying decisions are made in the store – the best starting point for POS marketing.

Part of the most important instruments of POS marketing is the offer labelling and advertising on posters, ceiling and gondola head danglers, shelf stoppers, and, finally, on the labels. A part of the newer advertising instruments of POS marketing are LCD or plasma monitors in the form of an individual screen, touchscreens at information terminals, customer displays at scales and cash tills to high-emotion video walls. Behind these entertainment media is an elaborate technology with hardware, network connections and content management software. Turning this technical equipment into advertising-effective POS marketing is done with the help of the PRESTIGEenterprise software, providing templates for POS advertising printing as well as a program manager for Instore TV.

Classic low-cost advertising printing and modern flexible Instore TV complement each other effectively and raise the attention of the customer. To achieve this, content that moves is 5 times more effective than static advertising media, such as posters. This is a basic human primary instinct and decisive for the high positive resonance of digital signage solutions.

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