Multichannel Marketing

Use the full potential

The term Multichannel Marketing implies the use of more distribution channels for customer contact with the goal of reaching different customer groups and diverse sales channels.

Multichannel Marketing implies selling products and services both via more stationary and unsteady channels for the retail industry. These channels are linked with one another with the goal of generating positive reciprocity for the entire company.

Strategy in the Retail Industry: Multichannel Marketing

The concurrently parallel use of various distribution channels with Multichannel Marketing supports retailers with the integration of new, innovative communications channels and promotes customer loyalty.

Two thirds of all German consumers inform themselves first online before deciding on a purchase – with the help of search engines, portals and product and price comparison sites. Valuable customer potential that retailers give away for free on the Internet.

The multi-optional consumer demands Multichannel Marketing contact. It is only possible to meet customers from one cast in this manner, barrier-free outside of the stationary store, escort them to the store and then actively address them in the store in line with Multichannel Marketing campaigns.

One software platform for many channels

Digital media lend themselves especially well for communication in the store, whether it be large format screens with Instore TV or video walls or in the form of mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. This allows for the perfect interlocking of contents from different channels, since customers do not use the channels today as alternatives, but in parallel.

With Digital Signage Software, for example such as the software platform PRESTIGEenterprise, campaigns can be picked up from the Internet and from television using defined automatisms and further applied in the point of sale.

In addition sales relevant and supporting images and prices can be synchronized by it with the online shop. The management of the sales channels and stores allow themselves to be controlled comfortably via this one system.

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The advantage of Multi Channel Marketing

Addressing customers at various contact points and making them aware of the organization, the offers and services improves the recognition of products and brands, and boosts sales in this manner. In addition, customer information can be elevated in different sales channels and exchanged between them.

In this way it is possible to get to know one’s customers better, advertise more according to target audience and customer-specifically adapt the product line. The heightened customer orientation brings with it an increase in customer satisfaction. One presences on various channels has a positive effect on the purchase and repurchase frequency and thus on sales.

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Software solution for Multichannel Marketing

In order to live up to high requirements, a professional software package is indispensible for the planning, controlling and distribution of marketing campaigns on the various media and their content support.

The software platform PRESTIGEenterprise supports your Multichannel Marketing on digital as well as printed media, at the POS as well on mobile output devices. It gives the stationary store the ability to connect the online and real world professionally with each other, and is specialized for the daily working requirements of the retail industry.

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Since the number of people accessing the Internet via mobile devices is always increasing, mobile communications is also gaining more of an importance. The investment in Multi Channel Marketing tools, such as Apps, is rising substantially.

The mobile market plays an important role in a Multichannel Marketing solution – especially for retail organisations. The consumer behavior of society is changing. App and tablet solutions are appropriately finding their way into Multichannel Marketing.

Typical sales and communications channels

Capturing customers via many sales and communications channels generally guarantees you as a company greater sales opportunity than when you reduce yourself to only one channel.

The term Multichannel Marketing encompasses numerous communication channel possibilities including:

  • Stationary retail with personal counselling and tactile shopping experience
  • Classical mail order retail with telephone orders
  • Online shop with orders via web forms
  • Mobile shopping apps
  • Social media marketing via Blog, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Co

Once the product data is available, it can be used across all channels. PRESTIGEenterprise offers interfaces to all popular merchandise management systems and marketing databases, and can generate digital posters, animations or analog posters that radiate with the perfect corporate design, with the existing data pool via simple templates.

Interlocking of the individual channels

Proper management of the interaction of the individual channels is very important for the topic Multi Channel Marketing. The contact to the customer should at best never be broken. The customer can be informed of interesting products and new topics via an email newsletter and one’s own app, and will be led back to your website through appropriate links.

Constant support with excellent service belongs to the Mulitchannel Marketing approach. This turns you customers into continuous business partners. With PRESTIGEenterprise we ofer you the ideal Multichannel Marketing solution for your organisation. Contact us directly for your individual offer.

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Concrete Multichannel examples

Wonderful examples of successful combinations of online and offline offers are for example bonus promotions that apply online and in stores. Products ordered online as well that are delivered for free to stores and can be picked up there (click & collect), or in the reverse situation, products that are purchased in an online shop that can be returned to a store, represent an ideal Multichannel unit.

A customer service type that is likewise well accepted is product information in which the desired product is available so that customers can decide on their own whether the products should be delivered or whether they would like to see the goods in the nearest available store location.

The close interlocking of various sales channels for Multichannel Marketing harbors better comfort and more convenience for counseling and purhases for customers. Get in touch with us directly via the contact form and receive your personal offer.

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